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Add-on: Curated Backups

$275.00 inc. GST on December 31st each year and a $11.00 sign-up fee

Curated Backups purchased as a standalone extra product are prorated at a cost of $27.5 per month, or approximately $0.90 per day.
When you Sign Up, our system will automatically calculate the remaining cost for the calendar year (up to December 31). Your subscription will then automatically renew on December 31 each year, and you will be charged the full amount of $330.

We recommend the addition of curated backups for your web site, utilising our Developer Licence for UpdraftPlus, which offers:

  • Backups of your site’s Database, Plugins, Themes, Uploads and Other files created on a pre-determined schedule.
  • Backups are stored both on your site server and, most importantly, copied to at least 2 remote destinations.
  • Remote Monitoring of backups using our Developer Licence for MainWP.

NOTE: Curated Backups are already included with some of our Care Plans.

First payment prorated. Next payment: December 31, 2022


Despite WordPress being the most popular website builder in the world, there is a lot of misinformation about WordPress on the internet. Some of these common WordPress myths and misconceptions end up confusing users and leading them to choose the wrong platform.

One of the most persistent WordPress myths is mistaking WordPress as just a blogging software. It is not.

WordPress is a powerful website builder that can be used to build almost any kind of website imaginable. It powers more than 31% of all websites on the internet, and a vast number of these websites are not just blogs.

WordPress is used for corporate sites, building an online store / eCommerce site, online magazines, and so much more. It is used by governments, universities, and many Fortune 500 companies.

The popular WordPress eCommerce plugin, WooCommerce, is actually the biggest eCommerce platform in the world (larger than Shopify, Magento, and others).

Another common myth that we hear often is that WordPress is less secure than some other proprietary software.

WordPress is very secure, and this is one of the reasons for its popularity. WordPress is an open source software which means its source code is available online for anyone to study and find security loopholes.

WordPress is extremely flexible, and its security can be further strengthened by taking a few extra steps.

Malware and brute force attacks are common on the web and are not just limited to WordPress. This is why there are specialized security services like Sucuri which provide monitoring service and website firewall to protect against common web threats.

You can make your WordPress site even more secure by taking simple steps like using strong passwords and by following some security best practices.

WordPress is a free and open source software. Many people who don’t know how open source software work, believe in the myth that the future of WordPress is not clear, and it could just suddenly disappear.

WordPress is not developed by a single person, but a community of passionate and professional developers. It is a protected trademark owned by a non-profit organization called WordPress Foundation, which protects the WordPress brand name and promotes the open source software.

There are thousands of small and large WordPress companies selling products and services based on WordPress. Many of these companies actively participate in the WordPress community.

The WordPress community is not just one company, person, or a small group that would just suddenly disappear. It consists of hundreds and thousands of people from all over the world. While WordPress itself is free, this eco-system alone powers millions of dollars in annual revenue for businesses involved.

In short, WordPress is not going anywhere and its future is bright.