EasyWP – Super fast Wordpress Hosting

Mar 31, 2021 | Web Hosting, Wordpress

Did you know WordPress is the most popular online publishing tool in the world?

It gives users the ultimate freedom with its friendly interface for writing, editing, and publishing content. No wonder bloggers and small businesses love it!

Introducing EasyWP, the fastest and easiest way to use managed WordPress, which takes their websites live in just minutes — with the click of a button. EasyWP is perfect for anyone who wants to create and manage their website without doing the heavy lifting.

Forget about managing your hosting, navigating through complicated interfaces, or figuring out how to install WordPress. We do everything for you!

Powered by Namecheap’s very own cloud technology, the infrastructure is intuitively designed to allow each and every website to live and grow, without any hiccups. Think of it as a “set-and-forget it” experience for your web site.

How’s that for easy?


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